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Big Boss is very superstitious. I told you for example that for my first day of work, I had to start before 8:45 or after 10:30. I learnt from him last week that Tuesdays also are not good days to start working for the Company so I had to ask Alyona to start a Wednesday. But you know what? I like it and honnestly if it does not really help, it cannot be bad for the Company so....

Yesterday I met an indian Feng Shui specialist who came to our office to analize its energy. Result? I was facing the south west which is very very bad and he told BB that if I dont move, in 3 months I will resign... So BB said, Flo, you move NOWWWWWWW but the problem was that the best place is where the accounter is and you have to understand that this position is totally strategic for an indian company. Hopefully (for me) our accounter was off yesterday so we have changed ... again... all the office. The sales team needs to face the east, the reception desk is so bad oriented that we wont find or keep anyone good more than couple of weeks... Mmmmmm that's the 3rd receptionnist I hire in 4 weeks ;-).

We will have to change the side the front door opens, add some yellow instead of grey on couple of walls, put 2 mirors on a pilar and add a fountain near the bow window.

The funny thing is that after all this move yesterday afternoon we had a strange electric atmosphere in the office and I was thinking for a couple of minutes... Imagine that our competitor has sent us this guy to mess up the all office energy ;-))



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Dis donc je pensais qu'on trouvait ca qu'en Asie! Comme quoi the feng shui is very international!
Strange the story of the receptionist!! Anyway, it seems since you're in your new position a lot is going on!!
Marie la menagere folle et hop un coup de balais & hop on depoussiere on vire, on recupere hop hop

Posted by: Carine | 29/03/2006

Oooooooooooooh!!! LOSE THE LAVA LAMP!!!!! Has to be bad fung shui full stop! THAT'S why you keep losing receptionists! Embarrassment!!

Posted by: Andy | 29/03/2006

Euuuh thats my desk babe and not the receptionnist one ;-))))) and let's see... I have one starting tomorrow morning...

Posted by: Marie | 29/03/2006

I hope it's not your mug there in front ! Those signs on it, not for you. They're intended to increase men's virility... I wonder what effect it does on a women.

Posted by: G MIKE | 29/03/2006

tu rigoles? Mais oui tu rigoles...... Euh c'est une des tasses que j'ai picohe ce matin la mais la tu peux etre sure que je ne vais plus y toucher ;-))))

Posted by: Marie | 30/03/2006

Peut-être, peut-être pas... who knows ;-)

Posted by: G MIKE | 30/03/2006

Imagine la tête d'Alain quand je lui fait changer ses
plans pour raison de Feng Shui!

Posted by: Ad Hoc | 31/03/2006

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