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I am ashamed, I am ashamed....

.... But I could not resist... and dont try to find out who it is.... She is not from Lamma Teeeettttt

and week-end pics there

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Somewhere to park your bicycle so it won't fall over! Maybe there should be 150 or so along the pier at Yung Shue Wan!

Posted by: Andy | 27/11/2005

yurk Andy!!! You gross bad boy!
: )
and you, miss Marie, like you feel ashamed...I saw your perveted eyes when you looked at her asssss
gnark gnarkkkk

Posted by: Carine | 28/11/2005

Seems like some people living at Lamma are wicked !... mouarf ;-)))

Posted by: Olivia | 28/11/2005

Hong Kong moon ?

Posted by: G MIKE | 28/11/2005

Pretty ass indeed! Très photohygiénique.

Posted by: Angelina | 28/11/2005

: ))
photohygienique ahaha bien trouve Angelina! C'est tout a fait ca :P

Posted by: Carine | 29/11/2005

Ben moi a cote de vous.... je suis un ange ;-)

Posted by: Marie | 29/11/2005

oui enfin...c'est quand meme toi qui a lance le sujet einh!!

Posted by: Carine | 29/11/2005

quel beau carreleur!

Posted by: nie | 29/11/2005

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