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Ok, ok...Pfffff

For those who follow my daily photographs ;-) Diesel is one of my favorite place on Lamma owned by Lucy and malcolm. Amazing food and great atmosphere. The pump is one of the beer pumps of the Bar ;-) and do you really think I just have soft drinks? Teeeeetttt! Anyway, thanks for all your support..... And yes I write in english because people tell me they would like to follow my blog but they cannot so.... As living in a english language country, I have to make an effort and it's good for you... Anyway ! Hihi

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Kestudi ?
wotdouyousé ?
I don't understand a single word of what you're writing in this note. I had to use a web translator to write this comment...

Posted by: G MIKE | 16/11/2005

Keep it Keep it! it seems to be a good one........

Posted by: Marie | 16/11/2005

One more photoblog in my RSS feeder.
Arrghh ! In english ? Why not, we always need to improve it...

Posted by: Legweak | 16/11/2005

Tenjewberrymuds for making that great effort... at last I understand now what you're writting about... ;-))

Posted by: Olivia | 16/11/2005

Dunno really. French should be fine. If G Mike's translator is a good one, then if YOU LOT ;-) wrote in translatable French, there should be similarly few problems.

Posted by: Andy | 17/11/2005

Not toujour en English mais sometimes it will be bien.. No?

Posted by: Marie | 17/11/2005

That's better. Also I feel I ought to put you right on a couple of things - Native language in Hong Kong is actually Cantonese, and on Lamma I sincerely believe that if you took a survey, you would find the native language is French. Or Tagalog!

Posted by: andy | 17/11/2005

According to the Consulate's census, there are 75 french citizen living in Lamma... I suppose actual number might be higher than that though !

Marie, comment dit on "je poireaute" ??? le transalator de G Mike peut aider ???



Posted by: Md | 17/11/2005

MD tu exageres mais bon aller, je vends la meche ;-) C'est le Lumix, le Panasonic DMC-FZ30 achete a cote du Computer Center de Wanchai. C'est le nouveau, le 8m pixels...

Posted by: Marie | 17/11/2005


Bon, je sais ce que je fais ce week end... enfin, si mon banquier se montre généreux !!!!!!!!!

Caresse les chats photographiques pour moi ! (shit, ca ne veut rien dire !!!)

Bye bye,


Posted by: Md | 18/11/2005

hephephep! Partez pas comme ca vous hein ;-) veux voir une image du nouveau cousin de Lumix moi....

Posted by: Marie | 18/11/2005

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