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Just hapiness pleassseeeee

This is a special week for me, the one which brings me to the last year before the age when we (women) are supposed to be on top!!! Hummm I will have to come back on this subject ;-)
Some people dont care about their birthday. I do but in the good way.
It reminds me childhood previous birthdays when I had, almost every year a mask and scuba set or a sailing boat (toy of course). Or my 18th birthday when my Mum organises a very nice dinner and I shown up 2 hours in late because I was on the beach with friends or the flowers offered by Dad (number of roses according to your age) or the traditional (I do it again to my sisters bother and and and... family) your new age minus 1 on both cheeks and the last one on on on.... the tip of the nose!
Ahhhh traditions traditions

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