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That is sooooooo funny .....I was just having a look at the Lamma web site to see what is happening on the island and suddenly I found a post on a story of bikinis.... The most surprising is the number of comments... :-) so I decided to click on the link to have a look on the forum and I had a reeaaaallll great time!
Men can be sooo creative and helpful to find a name for a new shop opening soon in selling some, some, some...... brezilian Bikinis!!!
So it makes me think that:
1- Girls, you should look like the picture if you want to wear this kind of bikini on Lamma Beach this summer...
2- Girls, maybe that is how you'll look like if you wear those bikinis... come on come on when is this shop opening?
2- Girls, reading the guys comment, you can imagine what they think (in the best case) when then look at you on the beach.....;-)))))
It's summertime!!! Youpi Tralala...
Vamos a la playa!


Rire ...

J'adore le blog dont tu parles et surtout le choc entre les bikinis et les kéké sur la plage ...

Comment dire ... il y a le rêve pour eux ... et la réalité pour nous les filles !!!!!


I'm found of the lamma blog but can't stop laughing when I compare the pictures of those Girls and The reality and so choking pictures of guys on the beach on the same page !!!!!

Just fun :-)

Posted by: Caroline | 22/04/2005

Hello Hapifiou,

Glad you liked our bikini contest! It's defiinitely the contest with the most entries I've run so far on Lamma.com.hk. Most entries are by horny guys, as expected and I knew that that picture would get them going.

And yes, you're right, that picture of Lamma guys on the beach was to provide a contrast, the dream of the bikini babe as opposed to the reality of guys showing off on Lo So Shing beach... And these are some of the more impressive specimen of Lamma manhood! Hapifiou, you're sure you want to stay here? ;-)))))

Eagerly waiting for bikini contest entroes from the ladies! The sole judge is female, after all and might appreciate your different perspective on this topic, expressed in a funny name. The shop wil open on May 1st, tentatively!

Posted by: Lamma-Gung | 24/04/2005

J'aime beaucoup votre amie en bikini sur la plage...
Surtout ses jolis poumons. Ce doit être une grande sportive pour avoir une cage thoracique aussi importante...
J'espère que ma petite Flo entretient bien la sienne car "qui respire bien pense pas à Roger Hanin de jardin" (vieux proverbe chinois de VIème siècle avant Raymond Poulidor).
Sur ce, je vais prendre mes cachets...
C'était un super commentaire de Magic Gatsby... A bientôt !!!!

Posted by: Magic Gatsby | 26/04/2005

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