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Andy pics

Andy just sent me two pics from Hong Kong taken I wanted to share.

One is from the Typhoon with a waterspout

The other one is Full Moon on the Beach ;-)

Dont clean your screen it's the Tornado ;-)
I LOVE THIS ONE..................... WELL DONE BABE


Better actually sat there on the beach! On the righ, the lights are fishing boats with lights rigged up to catch shrimp....

Posted by: Andy | 17/05/2006

Great light... incredible atmosphere ! ;-)

Posted by: Livi | 17/05/2006

Beautiful pictures, the first one reminds me of the Harmattan in Ghana, when it blows it just dry your mouth and your nose very quickly !

The second one is incredible for the light and the atmosphere it looks very peaceful !

Posted by: Jipes | 19/05/2006

The best part was when you zoomed the tornado on your camera, we could see it clearly! Hiii scary!!
Nice job Mr!

Posted by: Carine | 25/05/2006

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