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She is incredible

Yesterday, as it was my day off and as I really needed to be pampered, I have organised another girly day with Thana. Funny moment in the spa when while we were chating in front of each other, 2 ladies decided that I had to move.... but with my feet in two plastic bags.... My goddddd they could not stop laughing...

We were discussing about her house as she is already fully booked. She would like to take another villa to do the same thing. Decorate and rent per night, week or month on the concept of a Boutique Hotel. She is interior Designer so that's quite easy for her.

This morning I had to move my stuff in the other room according to our agreement. The room was not really ready but it was more than OK. But no! She just called me to say that she has changed her mind and as I told her that I liked the Ethnic Theme, she has bought the bedroom and all the decoration accordingly.... Wooooohoooooo I guess you should call me Jane from now ;-)


Je crois que quelques photos s'imposent :-)

Posted by: niox | 12/03/2006

Jane who?

Posted by: Andy | 13/03/2006



Posted by: Livi | 13/03/2006

A quand les photos de Jane dans sa jungle ?

Posted by: G MIKE | 13/03/2006

Roooooo les vieux fantasmes...... bande de crapules va

Posted by: Marie | 13/03/2006

meuh non, juste des mecs normaux ;-)

Posted by: G MIKE | 13/03/2006

Oups tu as raison, sans doute est-ce moi qui ne sais plus ce que c'est...Gnarffff

Posted by: Marie | 13/03/2006

Who is Chita?

Posted by: Cptaine Ad Hoc | 13/03/2006

Je ne le dirai pas sinon elle va faire la gueule ;-))))) Gnarffff

Posted by: Marie | 13/03/2006

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