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Drumming or Dreaming... That's the question!

Watching those people enjoying so much the team building session with drums, made me want to try by myself. Hopefully, the organizers were giving yesterday night a session from 8:00 to 10:00 at the Fringe Club... Great opportunity to join the rhythm. I was a little bit late (I knowww as usual...) and approching the venue I could hear the drums beat. I love organizing for others but I hate to me on stage and when I arrived, Kumi and Linda welcomed me so nicely that I started to feel nervous. Grrrr no more seat and drum available at the back so they put one right in the middle......All those people were really casual but as I came ouver straight from the office I was in my business clothes... I know it's stupid but I was feeling so unconfortable. Anyway, I started to play as everyone and started to feel better after couple of minutes. There were people from all over the world. Yes, that's true! Kumi asked and you had african, south and north americans, australian, asian, europeans..... All around the same sound... Drums beat!
I did not spend the 2 hours as it was a little bit too much for me but the 1 hour I spent was a great experience and I will go back next month!
Why do I feel so shy sometimes...I hate that!.. Maybe HE is right... I am a too giving person so each time it's something for me, I feel unconfortable...

or I should more drum than dream!

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