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When to be far away makes you feel closer!

This morning I was at the office around 7:30 as I have 2 crazy weeks so I prefer to start really earlier. I started to check my emails and connected myself on msn. And I found Tiphaine, my niece who just arrived couple of weeks ago in Toronto with her husband and 2 kids... YES I KNOW I AM GRAN ANTY SO WHAT @$#%$@^.

Anyway, We started to discuss together about her new life as an expat and her blog as she just started one... Of course, that's the best way to keep in touch with all family and friends when you leave abroad.

We had a very nice conversation and I look forward having some new and longer ones. She was preparing the bath of the kids when I was starding my day but it was just like we had a chat around a glass of wine for her and a coffe for me... Mmmmm I like those moments.... We say that virtuality is not real life. I disagree because sometimes, or with the right persons, you feel them really close and almost closer than if we were in the same country ;-)

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Maybe... but then how do you manage when you feel like smashing, hugging or kissing her or him on chat ?
I really miss sometimes those real physical exchanges...;-))

Posted by: Olivia | 21/11/2005

Biensur petite soeur, alors comme ça la dernière bois son café pendant que l'ainée sirote son apéro pendant que nous sommes en plein sommeil, c'est du joli ça !!! Sourire ...
Etrange pour moi .... le matin en me levant je suis en direct avec toi à Hong Kong... la journée les assistantes commerciales et les commerciaux parlent espagnol anglais allemand et le soir suis en direct avec Toronto ... wahou !!!! Du haut de mon 1m70 je me sens très "mondiale" actuellement :-)

Continue à nous enchanter ma belle ;-)

Ta sista Caro

Posted by: Caroline | 22/11/2005

Merci poussinette ;-))))

Posted by: Marie | 22/11/2005

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