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A very special Experience!

Really excited by my first session of Dragon Boat, I woke up on saturday a little bit worried by the bad weather but as our Captain did not send any cancellation message.... I was expecting the best!
We arrived in Stanley with a storm, heavy rain and wind but it was ok!!!!! Don't forget we are the Lamma Team!!!!
After the briefing, each of us took place in the boat and we started to listen the safety instructions but you know, as when you fly, you always think that you will never have to use them...
And we started paddling and paddling.. We passed an other dragon boat with guys teasing us because we were doing it seriously ;-)
But, as we tried to go back to the beach because too many waves and it could be dangerous, 2 or 3 waves came in the boat filling it!!!!
Then.........We heard our captain shouting: "Girls we sank!!!!" Get out of the boat!!!!
What???? Freezing water, rain, wind, winter clothes on, shoes and bla bla bla...........
Breathless I think I had 15 seconds of little anxious then I reminded the safety instructions and especially to check if my partner was ok!!!! Now I promise, I will give more attention to them ;-)

The problem is that we spent 30 minutes in the freezing water trying to swin and push our boat, pulled by another Dragon Boat!!! So we started to sing to try to keep us warm... Even if I was frozen, I had a great time because I think we have shared something special on saturday... and as I told our Captain, I don't think she could have organised a greater team building to start the season ;-) Maybe I should propose it to my clients....

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