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Ages I did not give any news and I am sorry but I have not even see this week running as we are busy like crazy. I leave home around 7am and back around 9pm..... Today is the end of the week and if I don't fall asleep before, I really would like to go out for a drink ;-)

Anu has left the Company yesterday because she will get married end of the year. Nothing special you will tell me but it's an arranged marriage and it's amazing me. Not in the bad way, don't misunderstand me.

Anu is indian, very well educated in the best business school in London and she grew up in Dubai. 2 weeks ago she went to London for a family trip and when she came back she told us she was engaged. She has met The One during this trip and then, as it seems to get along, they have decided to get engaged. But Anu has a strong caracter and she knows what she wants so instead of getting married next month which is the "coutume", she convinced her family and her fiance to spend some time together (not living together, you are crazy or what ;-)) before getting married.

The most amazing is that she will not marry a traditional indian but the One grew up and lives in Chicago. He is a Doctor and has never been living in India but he seems more traditionnal than the indians themselves.

I have spent some time with Anu asking her many questions as I am amazed and very interested in this tradition and my feeling today is that maybe it's a better way to get along with a husband. I mean when I see all the divorces in Europe I think maybe we don't have the good receipe.

We are not looking for the same things and building a successful couple life seems definitely to be a mystery for me ;-)))

I think I will try this one in my next life !

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Take care when you will come back to La Caussade .....!!!! hihihihi KIsses


Posted by: olivier | 28/07/2006

take care when you will comme back to La Caussade !!!!!!!!!!!!! hihihihihi.......... Olivier

Posted by: olivier | 28/07/2006

If you want i can arrange it, no problem!
so...when are you coming to HK? I need to find the man & arrange the meeting and the mariage in October.
piuh busy!

Posted by: Carine | 10/08/2006

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