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Be aware, Be awake

What'a happening to the world.....

We are neighbours (almost) with Lebanon and the situation is really affecting us. Aline is lebanese and her family went away from the city to the mountains couple of days ago. She has the Radio on during all day and her face shows her worries. Farimah has a friend arriving form Beirut this thursday. She will stay with her until the situation comes down. We will welcome her at the office to keep her busy!!!!

Follow the Beirut Blogs instead of reading media.....



http://www.bloggingbeirut.com/ this one is about the daily life, nothing from politics....

Otherwise go on http://the-lebanon.com/directory/People/Lebanese_Blogs/


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Le monde va mal, l'humain déconne trop... et dire que je fais partie de ces humains... et un jour on paiera nos conneries...
Courage à ta collègue, ce ne doit pas être évident à vivre.

Posted by: G MIKE | 18/07/2006

A vraie dire, nous sommes tres inquiets aussi pour la situation ici.....

Posted by: marie | 19/07/2006

Ça va ?

Posted by: G MIKE | 25/07/2006

oui ;-)

Posted by: marie | 25/07/2006

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