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Lovely Girly Day

Finally I did not shot at all yesterday as I was not in the mood. Lovely girly day with a late breakfast chating with Thana followed by a lunch in a libenon restaurant known by the lebenon community... Mmmm amazing food! Taboule, hommos, shish kebab, tomatos mixted with walnuts and olive oil, lebenon bread, fresh fish grilled etc.....

The most incredible was the caracter of this lunch! A frenchie with a saoudian, grown up in switzerland wearing sexy trendy clothes and her aunt, saoudian, speaking a not so bad english, 60 years old, wearing the black scarff....

Beautiful moment where I asked many questions about Islam, religion, Saoudia, Dubai and when I could talk about Bush etc.... I was scared to shame her but no way! She was scared to bother me ;-)

On the way home, she started, with Thana, to sing arabic songs in the car. It was beautiful! I ended my day by a manucure pedicure really good and cheaper than in Hong Kong! I know that in Europe it's not so common but I got the virus in Hong Kong and now, I cant do without ;-)


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je comprends ... depuis une semaine nous nous faisons masser tous les jours ... je crains que le retour a Paris soit dur !!!

Posted by: isa | 05/03/2006

Bon sang mais vous y etes toujours????? Ayayaye oui le retour va etre dur dur... mais non, penses a ptit Louis ;-))))))

Posted by: Marie | 05/03/2006

j'adore aussi la cuisine libanaise..; spécialement leur taboulé!
c'est génial que tu soit tombé sur cette saoudienne qui a l'air d'avoir une sacrée personnalité! pour démarrer à Dubaï , c'est idéal!
contente de voir que cela se passe bien pour toi. biz

Posted by: princesse blabla | 05/03/2006

T'as de la chance de pouvoir te créer de la chance toi !

Posted by: G MIKE | 05/03/2006

Oui tu as raison mais les bonheurs que tu as moi je n'ai pas la chance de les avoir ;-)

Posted by: Marie | 06/03/2006

J'ai parlé de toi ce W-E et ce qui se trouve ds ton dernier com et dans le mien sont ce qu'on a dit... ;-)

Posted by: G MIKE | 06/03/2006

Dubaï te va comme un gant!

Posted by: Cptaine Ad Hoc | 06/03/2006

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