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They drive me nuts!

Arrrggghhhh they drive me nuts! And I think I will need another Hard Disk soon just for my brain.....

Me: C... I need to go to France

Her: Ok, when?

Me: Asap

Her: ok, from the 3rd to the 10th of september?

Me: Great, thanks

Couple of days later........

Her: Euuuhhh could you postpone a little bit!

Me: Pfff Ok, ok, 21st of october

Her: Great, Thanks

Couple of days later.........

Her: Euhhh could you pospone a little bit more?

Me: Arrrgggg Ok.... 11th of november

Her: Thanks so much, really thank you

Me: Ok, ok, I don't care but my friends and family are going to kill me - I take all the space on their dairy for 2 months already....


Her: .... Arrrggghhh we are really embarrased with this new great project! S..... How can we handle that.... Too bad, JUST when you are away......

Me: Arrrggghhhhh I cannot postpone it again as I have Mister Big German car incentive 2 weeks after....

Her: I know, I know..... But could you leave before november?

Me: Hein!!!! Dont tell me you want me to come back to my previous dates in october?

Her: I am sorry... I will pay the penalty for the ticket... Pleeeaaasssseeeee

SO, I AM SUPPOSED TO CALL EVERYBODY TO TELL THEM: I was supposed to arrive the 3rd of september which has been postponed to the 21st of october then the 11th of november but NO Ahahahaha, new surprise! Back in October maybe the 21st or the 28th!

CRAZY LIFE! REALLY...... By the way, weather is better in October than November no? ;-))

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On se voit toujours j'espère !
Je suis toujours en vie mais sous l'eau en ce moment ;-)

Posted by: Philippe | 28/09/2005

Faut négocier une prime de flexibilité :-)

Posted by: David | 28/09/2005

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