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Peter and the Balsamic Vinegar

You have Charlie and the chocolate Factory ben now you will have Peter and the balsamic vinegar....

Peter... Him.... had decided to invite M and me, 2 frenchies.... to have dinner sunday night at his place.

What a good idea... So, sunday evening we meet Peter in the IB. I brought a camembert cooouuuuulant..., some magret de canard fourre au foie gras... sorry but it tastes better in french ;-) and some bread. M a good bottle of Chablis direct from France and Peter, Peter... He forgoootttt.... I cannot believe it! Peter, we told you a salad, some olive oil and balsamic vinegar... Arrggghhhh! And where he leaves, I promise that if you forget the salt, you eat without salt!

So M and me arrive at Peter's place, Wahhooo very nice house, good taste, nice furniture and plants vases outside..ok! ok! i should not have observe so much but I love to see where and how your friends live. I think you learn more about them ;-)

So we stay outside for a drink as M and I smoke and it's not raining... the first time since 8 days... Peter serve the very very good Chablis 1997 in cristal glasses Pfffff! ands says.. ok Girls, maybe we should prepare dinner?

Come on Peter... you have for once 2 frenchies with you so.... trust us! Take care of the wine, we take care of the food... Ok, ok,.......

2 minutes later M and me in the kitchen

Euuhhh Peeettteeerrrr where can I find the vinegar?

Peter: Just behind the kitchen door

Me: Euhhh Peter, no vinegar!!!! Just 3 lonely bottels lost on those shells but no vinegar...

Anyway I will try with the soya sauce!


okok, I will not do it again but I have to confess that I put some english mustard, olive oil, soya sauce and some chutney! Now I understand why Peter, trying this strange sauce, prefered an ugly instantitaliandressinginplasticbottle! I forgive you Peter!

But that's nothing comparing to M who shouted to Peter

Peterrrrrr? Where do you range your bowwwwwwls?

My balls?????????

Pouarf....... M is cramoisie, Me, ptdr and Peter is laughing so much....

We were just looking for salad Bowls but no one in Peter's place ;-)

Anyway we have spent an amazing dinner and today we have to send an email to Peter to remind him what he has to buy for the next time : Balsamic vinegar, candles and salad Bowls...

Euh Girls, the salad Bowl, I buy it in wood or in Plastic! Arrggghhhhh Peter, in wood of course ;-) 

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qui est M ????

Posted by: Caroline | 26/08/2005

C'est Emmanuelle.... tu es de plus en plus locace ;-)

Posted by: flo | 26/08/2005

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